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Little man Zander is such a stud! Look at this kid!

His mom contacted me about the casting call I did for newborn babies in the Katy / Richmond area on Facebook a couple weeks back.  She sent me a picture of him at 2 days old and I knew he was the one I’d choose.

He came in to model all of the little boy props and backdrops I haven’t used so I can put together a page of props here on the site.

I’m so glad that she did! He was seriously a gem.


I wasn’t planning on putting up a post on this session but it would be an injustice not to! Everyone deserves to see a bit of this cuteness.

The worst I got from him was this super funny dirty look for waking him up with the **click**click** of my camera.

This newborn babe is so handsome I can hardly stand it!

His mommy and grandma came with him and over and over again they said “You’re so patient! I don’t know how you do it!”

To do newborn photography- the trick is going slow and making baby feel as comfortable as possible.

It is a JOY to snuggle these little ones and create art for their families. I never find it taxing. Not in the least.

THIS YAWN! Oh man. So precious.

Using a macro lens with an extender I am able to capture the little details of newborn babies that fade so quickly…

Talk about inducing some serious baby hunger!

Are these little pants not to DIE for?? I love them. ALMOST as much as I love this antique family store scale:

A little insight into photos like the one above: They are composites of a multiple photos- Moms hand was on baby the ENTIRE TIME.

Babies safety is always my number one concern. Babies are little people- not props. I want them to be comfortable, calm, and safe through the entire session.

 I use a wide angle lens so I can have my hand on or very close to baby the entire time. That’s how I can achieve the snuggly squishy photos like these.

Man. I love my job.

Over the River Photography is Katy’s premier newborn photographer who also specializes in birth stories, family, baby, maternity and child photography. Service areas include but are not limited to Katy, Sugarland and Houston. 


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