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This session was delightful and quite gratifying, and Lincoln!? Just look at this baby. Seriously.



LOOK AT HIM! I can’t get enough. Can you? If so, you are dead inside.  Seek help.

  He is so so handsome. and squishy faced, and lovely, and smells so good (sorry you have to miss out on that part. I’m sure google is working on a way to fix that.) and is just all around so adorable I can hardly stand it.



 Even his FEET are uniquely his and amazingly cute. I love me some baby feet. Who’s with me??



Lincoln is the fourth baby of this wonderful woman. Doesn’t she just exude a wonderful mother aura? can’t see auras? I assure you, she does. (not that I can see them either… I digress_)  Her husband and four children are so blessed to have her. I’m so happy I met her! Can I just say: I love it when a client comes in a client and leaves a friend? I love it. Alisha is an awesome person.



Back to baby:

I’ve been learning a lot- trying to hone my craft, and he was just such an angel that it made me feel like a rock star when… really… lets face it. I could take iPhone photos of him and they’d be great.  He was so sweet and kept making the most delicious of all baby noises.

Inserting comment: Why is it that we call babies delicious?? Because in a literal sense, it really doesn’t quite fit. Yet – I see this baby and think “Oh I just want to EAT him!” Who eats babies?!?  If anyone wants to enlighten me I’m all ears.



The world is better for having another Oldroyd in it. Welcome, Lincoln, we’re looking forward to seeing the good you will do with your life.


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