Abby Made it safely into the world on Thursday September 25th 2014. Below is the story of her arrival. First though, is a short explanation of why I do birth photography in the Houston area.

I have been asked a number of times, “Why birth photography?”

Here is the answer from this birth photographer:

People. Family. Friends. – These are the individuals who make our lives worth living.

And remembering moments that you share with those people? It’s a priceless thing.

Moments like the birth of a child are the ones that make the crud of life completely worth it. You don’t realize how special those moments are until they’re gone. Which is why photographing them is so very important. Doing so transforms the way we can remember a moment.

Birth photography is so unique.

In those hospital rooms struggle and pain is shown in such a raw way.

It is so real and poignant, yet it changes so rapidly when baby is placed in the arms of those who made it.  The struggle and pain turns to love, relief, and joy.

I do what I do so I can help people remember that feeling. That love, relief, and joy.

So they can not only remember it, but share it with those they care about the most.

In the moment it seems like it will last forever and that you could never forget it. However, memories fade all too quickly, and life changes. As a mother myself, I know this all too well.

I have chosen to do birth photography because there is nothing like it, and I want to help others remember the most important days of their families lives.  This way they can relive the most amazing moments of life. Forever.

This day was, for the Clements family, full of many amazing moments. The moment Abby took her first breath, things changed forever.




Over the River Photography is a newborn and birth photographer in the Katy area who also specializes in baby, family, maternity and child photography. Service areas include but are not limited to Katy, Sugarland, Cypress, Richmond, and the greater Houston area. 

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    Hello! I wanted to check pricing and availability for what you may have in late May or early June for Maternity photos as well for August for the birth of the baby. We would also be interested in Newborn photos. I loved the slide show as well, is this included or extra? From what I have seen on your website, I love your work! I would love to see more if I could. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


I have known Alex since… well… before he was born!

I am lucky to count his mommy, Kylee, as one of my best friends. Three years ago she and I both moved into the Katy area and became fast friends. 9 months later we both had our first babies. She is the one who sparked my desire to begin the journey of learning to be a photographer.

 Alex is her second child and fact that he just turned one BLOWS MY MIND! *Insert exploding noise here*

We of course HAD to celebrate with a fun Cake Smash mini session!

It was so fun to have him come in and play with us for a bit. I liked that part- but liked the part where we brought out this cake (so cute huh!?) from Nothing Bunt Cakes EVEN MORE.

He got a little taste of the frosting first…. (as did I and oh my goodness it was delicious) and LOVED IT. Nothing makes a little boy smile quite like a bit of sugar.

Then he dug in.

Nothing makes this little boy quite as unhappy as dirty hands… So this gentleman got a fork. SO CUTE. Seriously. A little man after my own heart.

After came the sugar high….

And crash…

We went for a bath in the wild sunflowers of Katy. They are EVERYWHERE this time of year. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

All clean with some warm water, bubbles, and flowers to eat (Yes, that happened apparently they weren’t as good as the cake) – He was one happy camper.

Oh gosh he’s going to hate these one day… but his mother will always LOVE them. I can see it now… His girlfriend comes home to meet the family in college and Kylee pulls out the photo album… The harassment and embarrassment set in…

I’m just glad I get to instigate such a fun senario… even if it is 20 years away. Kylee- you’ll have to tell me all about it when it happens. Yes. We will STILL be friends.

Thank you Kylee for asking me to do this. I adore doing things like this. It was my pleasure!

Over the River Photography is a newborn photographer in the Katy area who also specializes in birth, family, baby, maternity and child photography. Service areas include but are not limited to Katy, Richmond, Sugarland, and Houston.


Little man Zander is such a stud! Look at this kid!

His mom contacted me about the casting call I did for newborn babies in the Katy / Richmond area on Facebook a couple weeks back.  She sent me a picture of him at 2 days old and I knew he was the one I’d choose.

He came in to model all of the little boy props and backdrops I haven’t used so I can put together a page of props here on the site.

I’m so glad that she did! He was seriously a gem.

I wasn’t planning on putting up a post on this session but it would be an injustice not to! Everyone deserves to see a bit of this cuteness.

The worst I got from him was this super funny dirty look for waking him up with the **click**click** of my camera.

This newborn babe is so handsome I can hardly stand it!

His mommy and grandma came with him and over and over again they said “You’re so patient! I don’t know how you do it!”

To do newborn photography- the trick is going slow and making baby feel as comfortable as possible.

It is a JOY to snuggle these little ones and create art for their families. I never find it taxing. Not in the least.

THIS YAWN! Oh man. So precious.

Using a macro lens with an extender I am able to capture the little details of newborn babies that fade so quickly…

Talk about inducing some serious baby hunger!

Are these little pants not to DIE for?? I love them. ALMOST as much as I love this antique family store scale:

A little insight into photos like the one above: They are composites of a multiple photos- Moms hand was on baby the ENTIRE TIME.

Babies safety is always my number one concern. Babies are little people- not props. I want them to be comfortable, calm, and safe through the entire session.

 I use a wide angle lens so I can have my hand on or very close to baby the entire time. That’s how I can achieve the snuggly squishy photos like these.

Man. I love my job.

Over the River Photography is Katy’s premier newborn photographer who also specializes in birth stories, family, baby, maternity and child photography. Service areas include but are not limited to Katy, Sugarland and Houston. 


Katy Family Photographer | Mejias Sanchez Family

Oh my goodness. This last Friday was so rainy and awful here in Katy and I thought we’d have to cancel the photography session BUT THEN…..

the skies cleared and the sun showed for ONE HOUR. Just enough time for us to get some great images!

It was a miracle.

This handsome little man just turned 4 months old and his mom wanted a family session that revolved around him. What a great idea, right?? I’ll have to file it away for when my own family grows.

It wasn’t at all hard to do! They all ADORE their new-ish little family member. How could they not? Not only is he adorable but so SO sweet!

I loved capturing this fantastic family in their loving interactions.

What a great family to be a part of! Ruben is one incredibly blessed baby.

Over the River Photography is a newborn photographer in the Katy area who also specializes in birth, family, baby, maternity and child photography. Service areas include but are not limited to Katy, Richmond, Sugarland, and Houston.

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Beautiful kids. Beautiful mama. Beautiful place. Beautiful light. Photographers dream.

That’s what this session was for me.

Sure kids will be kids – but this session was so much fun! Snap enough pictures… and one will be good 😉

Brother and sister love…. I adore it. Endless torture from either side. My brother Mike and I used to be this sibling pair. We’re super good friends now. Enjoy is kiddos.

That beautiful mama is my dear cousin Becca. That would make these kids my second cousins. I think. Right?

14 2 web

Cousin doesn’t describe her though. She is what we like to call a Fruzin (friend-cousin hybrid).

You know what I’m talking about? That rare childhood companion that you loved so much and just kept loving as you got older? She is that. And now we’re all grow-ed up and have kids! Mind. Blown.


I call this one…. Real Life. (Sorry Becca… I couldn’t resist. You love me anyway. I know you do.)

On to these little munchkins. They’re adorable. ‘Nuff said.

bates kids collage

Boys and bugs. There is something so right about it.

This photo is hilarious! She has the most infectious laugh!

From now on, if I’m having a bad day, I’m going to come and look at it. I double dog dare you to look at that face and not smile.  If you can do it – seek help. There is something wrong with your insides.

OH! And Ann (one of two of the best aunts a girl could ask for) came.

bates collage 4

Not only is she a fantastic aunt, but look at her grandma skills:

Olivia was being a grump before grandma got ahold of her. Ann rocks.

These two are good eggs. I come from a rather fantastic family, and lucky doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about it.

You’ll be seeing them around again sometime.

Over the River Photography is a newborn photographer in the Katy area who also specializes in birth, family, baby, maternity and child photography. Service areas include but are not limited to Katy, Richmond, Sugarland, and Houston.

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